Quick business loans UK -Here is the best place to go for a quick business loan

There are plenty of companies and independent entrepreneurs who are looking for a loan and do not get a loan from the bank. Fortunately, there are alternatives to borrow business money without a bank. We show you the providers you can go directly to for business credit without a bank, for example through crowdfunding or private investors.

Here is the best place to go for a quick business loan

Borrowing business money through a quick business loan at https://acfa-cashflow.com/business-loans/quick/ isn’t difficult to achieve. There are many special online platforms where you can go with your story. These platforms employ experts who will assist you with the application. This is the case, for example, with crowdfunding platforms, such as Huss, where you receive guidance on how to apply for a business loan.

Moreover, you can often get a business loan very quickly. A large number of applications are already assured of their money within 48 hours. In many cases, incidentally, cash flow is first looked at and not even creditworthiness. There are also more and more providers of business loans where you can get business credit immediately if you have outstanding invoices, for example, or receive pin payments. What platforms and possibilities for business credit without a bank are there?

  • For a company credit outside the bank, first, take a look at Huss where you can go for crowdfunding. They are also suitable for BV, ZZP, and VOF and are cheaper than the other providers below.
  • Via the impulse credit from Harrison, you can immediately get a loan if you have outstanding invoices. You can also go here for a business loan without annual figures. Also as a freelancer or starter.
  • Bridgefund gives business loans to freelancers and SMEs without annual figures but with a minimum annual turnover of 75,000 euros. To submit an application, upload the recent transactions from your business account and you must have been registered with the ChamCom for at least 12 months.
  • B2B business lending has higher prices but offers quick and easy business credit without annual figures. The only condition is a minimum annual turnover of € 75,000.
  • Via InvoiceFinance NL you can immediately receive money if you have at least € 100,000 in annual revenue. Sunny offers you flexible business credit. This is a new service where you can always withdraw extra money from your credit until you reach your credit limit. With this, you always have capital available immediately. It is a kind of revolving credit, but for entrepreneurs.
  • Another good example is OPR Corporate Credit. Borrowing here is more expensive, but as a sole trader, sole traders, SMEs and VOF you can get a loan directly without asking.
  • There are also other variants and ways to get a loan. With a company loan provider such as CreditVolt you can, for example, arrange the repayment of the loan by skimming your cash flow via debit card or direct debit.
  • See below for more examples of new financier of business loans in the Netherlands for a business loan without annual figures or a business loan without a credit assessment.

Crowdfunding or business credit via investors

Huss is a business lender that collects the money from private investors for you. Through this platform you get the opportunity to apply for a loan without much bureaucratic hassle. You can apply for the business loan within 10 minutes and within 2 working days you have the decision whether your loan can continue or not.

In addition to Huss, there are also other platforms for crowdfunding or business credit via investors.

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