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2 graduates of the new DHS program | News, Sports, Jobs


Edgar Kelley’s Inter-Mountain photo Glyserine Raboy and Natalie Phillips became the first students to graduate from Davis Academy’s trainee program. The two received certificates at a special ceremony Friday at Davis Health Systems.

ELKINS — A special ceremony was held at Davis Medical Center on Friday to present two students with the certificates they earned upon graduating from the Davis Academy Trainee Program.

Glyserine Raboy and Natalie Phillips became the first graduate students of the program, which is in its first year of operation. Phillips graduated from Elkins High School, while Raboy received her high school diploma from Elkins Christian Academy.

“It was our pilot year and basically it’s for graduating seniors who are interested in the health field,” program director Chad Ware told The Inter-Mountain. “It gives them the opportunity, out of high school, to connect directly to the job market in the six different rotations that we have.

“It gives them the opportunity to come in and get a sense of the different health professions. From there they can choose what they want to do. Some may decide to go to college. and for others, it really helps them find a job.

Ware said Phillips has already been hired into the lab at Davis Medical Center and will continue to work there. Raboy plans to continue working part-time enrolling in the DMC while she goes to school at Davis & Elkins College to earn her RN degree.

The teaching program at the Academy lasts 10 months, with rotations in the following departments: Medical Laboratory, Information Technology, Nursing, Registration, Surgery, Radiology, Family Medicine Clinic, and Specialty Services Clinic.

“The program allows students to test jobs and see whether or not they like that type of work,” Ware said. “That way they won’t go to college, spend a lot of money and find out they don’t like their chosen profession when they graduate.”

Each department has a designated advisor who will mentor students throughout their time in that area. Each student is assessed to help them find the area that best suits their future career path. While at the Academy, each student receives an hourly wage and receives all the benefits of a full-time employee at Davis Health Systems, including health benefits.

Ware said five new students will join the upcoming rotation for the Academy’s next program, which is set to begin next month. There are still openings for next year’s Academy, however. For more information, contact Ware at 304-637-3378 or [email protected]

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