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41 doctors warned for advertising in Uttarakhand | Dehradun News


DEHRADUN: Over the past six months, the Uttarakhand Medical Council (UKMC) issued notices to 41 physicians for breaching its “Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics Regulations 2002” by agreeing to appear in advertisements on billboards, banners and newspapers.
The UKMC ordered these doctors to undergo up to 150 hours of “continuing medical education” to “rekindle the memory of the ethics of the medical profession”. The council also said doctors should “focus on the job and not the limelight” and that their faces in advertisements were “an embarrassment, a gross violation of the law and unethical”. The body reiterated that if doctors were caught flouting the advice and repeating the offence, legal action would be taken against them. “Board action can range from suspension to license suspension,” UKMC said.
“A single doctor claiming to treat several specialties is disturbing”
Meanwhile, TOI has learned that a major Dehradun-based hospital has been arrested by the council for such misconduct. The Uttarakhand Medical Council has made it clear that such publicity could also result in license suspension of individuals.
Speaking to TOI, a board member said: “Doctors working as employees of large facilities have been urged to take this message to their administrators. Such abusive practices are promoted by the corporate world to gain traction. ‘silver.” Dr DD Choudhury, member secretary of the UKMC’s Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, said: “A single doctor claims to treat several specialties on billboards. It’s troubling. Hospitals using photos of doctors as an advertising and marketing tool are unacceptable according to the ethics of Indian Medical Council. A person’s diploma and specialties are enough to transmit their skills. Physicians are advised not to use their photos in advertisements.”


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