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Clarksville News: Fire Relief, Warehouse Closure, School Nurse Pay and Other Top Stories This Week


CLARKSVILLE, TN – Here’s a look at some of the best local reporting from Clarksville Now this week.

‘They’re paid atrociously’: Proposed law would require school districts to pay nurses the same as teachers: The legislation would improve salaries but leave school districts on the hook for additional funding. READ MORE

Man sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty in fatal 2018 home invasion: He pleaded guilty to second degree murder in 2020 for his role in the home invasion. READ MORE

North Clarksville Library, Center for Animal Control Awaiting Funding at County Budget Hearings: The county plans to fund the Clarksville North Branch Library and a new animal control center, among other projects. READ MORE

A man in a wheelchair saved from a burning house by a neighbour: The neighbor saw smoke and flames coming from the small house. He ran to help. READ MORE

Parking garage, Frosty Morn and other projects back on track after City Council vote: The council reversed the situation this week and the car park is now being funded again, along with several other projects. READ MORE

Rep. Mark Green introduces a bill providing more funding to Land Between the Lakes: The bill would allocate $8 million per year to the recreation area. READ MORE

“We are like you, but different”: two faces of autism: Life does not end with a diagnosis of childhood autism; This is just the beginning. Here’s what it’s like for two adults living with autism. READ MORE

Warehouse Concert Lounge will close in August this year: The Warehouse Concert Lounge and Event Center has announced its closure on August 7. READ MORE

A Ukrainian professor at APSU talks about his daughter and grandchildren fleeing the war zone: They stayed in Ukraine as long as they could, then fled to neighboring Slovakia soon after the Russian invasion began. READ MORE

Meet employers from 41 companies at the Mega Job Fair: A wide range of jobs, from fast food to management positions, will be offered at this year’s Mega Job Fair. Here is the list of employers who will be there. READ MORE

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