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Cloud Wars Expo Health Industry Highlights Include Oracle-Cerner, AR Surgery and AI


This video is part of a series featuring the best takeaways from Cloud Wars Expo 2022 by each of the accelerating economy analysts. If you like what you see, missed Cloud Wars Expo in person, or just want to watch it all again, recorded sessions from the June live event are available through the Cloud Wars exhibition website. All session recordings will be free for registered attendees, as well as Cloud Wars and Acceleration Economy subscribers. Make sure you register to access now.

Strong points

00:00 – Paul recaps his experience speaking at Cloud Wars Expo in person about healthcare and technology.

00:57 — An intriguing healthcare case study included a hospital dramatically reducing the cost of PPE using Metaverse technologies to deliver hybrid care remotely.

01:45 — Paul cites another example of Metaverse technology in healthcare, which uses augmented reality in surgery in an exciting new way: projecting the patient’s internal organs during surgery.

02:30 — In addition, Paul participated in the AI ​​theme of the exhibition, presenting a discussion on business intelligence and machine learning.

04:05 – Oracle’s relatively recent acquisition of Cerner had a noticeable impact on the event’s healthcare discussions, as well as the Industry Cloud Battleground sessions

05:00 — Paul lists Microsoft’s David Rhew and Workday’s Joe Wilson as his favorite expert presentations.

Want to see more health, AR and AI content from Cloud Wars Expo? The event’s video-on-demand is being rolled out, with over 40 hours of cloud-based educational content – ​​featuring over 100 speakers – to be made available in the coming days. All content is free for Acceleration Economy subscribers with an on-demand pass.