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DVIDS – News – Strengthening combat medicine interoperability with Polish allies


Łódź, Poland – With one last hammer blow, U.S. Army Brig. General Clinton Murray affixed the U.S. Army Europe and Africa emblem to the wooden patch panel at the Polish Military Medicine Training Center in Łódź, Poland on July 27. This act emphasized the deepening of the collaboration between the military medical teams of the two allies. Earlier in the morning, US Army Europe and Africa Command Surgeon Murray and Polish Surgeon General Dr. Aurelia Ostrowska signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding on Combat Medicine Interoperability.

The MOA on Combat Medicine Interoperability establishes the scope, principles and procedures for combat medicine professionals from both countries to conduct bilateral training activities at two of Poland’s main military medicine facilities: the Military Medical Training Center in Łódź and the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw. The goal is to enable U.S. troops stationed in Poland to conduct collaborative training at these facilities with their Polish partners to enhance cooperation and gain confidence when operating as part of multinational teams.

Asked about the importance of the MOA, Murray replied, “As a medical officer, you work in two professions. One is a profession of arms and the other is a profession of medicine. In a place like Poland, you always balance the two. What is unique is that both professions serve in a way that goes beyond our country and ourselves. Having a servant leadership approach to combat medicine creates an essential balance with great partners like the Polish military medical team. It is a very exciting and humbling event.

Interoperability is key to the US Army’s vision for Europe and Africa. MOA marks a milestone in combat medicine training and supports continued interoperability with Polish allies. The resulting training opportunities will enable U.S. and Polish forces to routinely act together cohesively, effectively, and efficiently to achieve tactical, operational, and strategic objectives in support of maneuver operations.

Polish Colonel Zygmunt Glogowski, chief of plans at the Department of Military Medicine of the Ministry of Defense, described his views on Polish-American military medical relations.

“The most beneficial way to build our ties and cooperation is to understand how we can cooperate better together in the future.” said Glogowski. “I’m really proud that American medical leaders have visited our country. I deeply believe that this will open a new chapter in our cooperation for medical services.

Following the signing of the MOU, senior Polish and U.S. leaders attended MILITARY DOCTOR 22 Distinguished Visitors Day. MILITARY DOCTOR is Poland’s premier annual military field medical training exercise that functions as the l basic training event for their graduating military medical cadets. The eight-day exercise consists of combat medicine pathways from the point of injury, evacuation and treatment at field medical units (Role 1 and 2 facilities). This year, 16 U.S. soldiers from the 30th Medical Brigade, 4th Security Force Assistance Brigade, and 7th Army Training Command supported the event as guest observers and trainers. This was the third consecutive year that U.S. Army units in Europe and Africa have supported Exercise MILITARY DOCTOR.

Date taken: 27.07.2022
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