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Former MRC council president ‘expelled’ from college following investigation


The former chairman of the board of the Royal College of Nursing was expelled from the college following an investigation into complaints about his conduct, it has been confirmed.

In a statement released by the NCR today, it announced that ‘internal investigations and processes’ into Dave Dawes have been completed.

“He was kicked out of college membership”

RCR Spokesperson

Subsequently, Mr Dawes was “barred from college membership”, he said.

Mr Dawes was suspended as council chairman and council member for the North West Region last summer following a number of complaints about his conduct, the MRC said at the time.

A few months later, in September 2021, Mr. Dawes said Nursing schedules he had filed two protected disclosures under the NCR’s Whistleblower Policy and the Employment Rights Act 1996, due to concerns about how his suspension had been handled.

This happened around the same time as the MRC announced that an independent inquiry had been launched into the culture of the MRC, which would be led by Bruce Carr QC.

Findings from the Carr review were expected earlier this year, but have not yet been released.

An MRC spokesman said today: ‘The MRC’s internal investigations and processes relating to the former Chairman of the Council, Mr Dave Dawes, are now complete. He was expelled from college membership.

“A labor court complaint for victimization of a whistleblower has been filed and the truth will come out during this hearing”

David Dawes

They added: “Behaviours that fall short of the standard that members can expect from their college will be challenged.

“Our commitment to zero tolerance, especially when it comes to protected features, is strong,” he said.

Mr Dawes claimed his expulsion was the result of his whistleblowing on ‘the NCR’s cover-up of the Bruce Carr investigation’ and what he claimed were the ‘real circumstances’ behind the former chief executive’s departure and NCR General Secretary Dame Donna Kinnair last year.

Dame Donna announced that she was leaving her position as Director General and Secretary General of the MRC in July 2021. She had been on sick leave since April following a bicycle accident.

Mr Dawes added: “A complaint to the Employment Tribunal for victimization of a whistleblower was lodged several months ago and the truth will come out at this hearing. I fully expect this audience to rein me in.

However, the MRC said it refuted Mr Dawes’ claims “in the strongest possible terms”.

An NCR spokesperson said it had “taken decisive action regarding his conduct and behavior”.

“This relates to a series of complaints that have been raised against him,” they added.

“Due process was followed and reviewed by independent members of the panel, which resulted in his expulsion from the MRC on a number of counts.”