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‘I never imagined my career would bother me so much,’ says nurse warning of severe staffing shortages


A nurse at the St Vincent De Paul long-term care facility has expressed the great exhaustion that her nursing career has brought her due to the severe shortage of human resources.

In a moving social media post, she admitted she never thought the career she fought so hard for would bring so much emotional and physical stress.

“Honestly, I’m tired. I gave all my strength, both mentally and physically, to the sick. I never imagined that the career I fought so hard for would bother me so much, the career that I have always loved and will always love,” she said.

“The problem is not the patients we are caring for, but the fact that shift after shift we have to deal with fewer hands,” she said.

“This is all because we have a severe shortage of nurses in Malta.”

“There is such a lack of staff that large wards that have up to 40 patients end up having only one nurse on a night shift,” the nurse told Lovin Malta.

She also pointed out that this was not even due to a management issue, but the lack of staff they are experiencing.

“Fewer and fewer nurses are graduating each year, resignations are more and more frequent and staff who leave are never replaced,” she said.

“Can you imagine asking for time off months in advance and not getting it because they wouldn’t have enough staff to close the shift?” she says.

“How many people cheered for us from the balconies during the pandemic and called us heroes. How long they thanked us for all the sacrifices during the pandemic,” she said, referring to the times when citizens of Malta showed their appreciation for nurses by clapping from their rooftops and balconies.

“But now that we’re trying to show you how much we need to adjust our terms, and you haven’t been paying attention,” she pointed out.

“When our union tries to replace us, we quickly find someone trying to put politics in the middle and accusing us of trying to create problems,” she said.

She also stressed that the career of nurses is not “a political ball” and cannot continue to be treated as such.

“Our working conditions must be rectified because resignations have become too frequent,” she stressed.

“Open your eyes. This problem is not just for nurses but for everyone. People deserve to get the right care. But when you have a nurse trying to cope with a job of four, the care that you deserve diminish,” she said.

“When in the future you need help from a nurse and you can’t find a nurse, don’t cry. We tried to show you the truth and you laughed in our faces,” she concluded.

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