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LC Bachelor of Nursing graduates


On Thursday, June 24, 2021, Laredo College’s second cohort of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree celebrated a remarkable milestone with its instructors and leaders. In total, eight students shared the honor of making college history as the second class of BSN and the first to host a memorable ceremony.

Laughs, tears and excitement could be seen as the nurses were recognized during the exciting graduation ceremony. LC administrators and professors were on hand to congratulate the 2021 class as they received their diplomas. The graduates cherished this moment as they concluded this chapter in their lives and prepared to embark on a bright future.

Viewers enjoyed a delicious video that opened the ceremony. LC BSN instructor Jose Luis Santos opened the first ever BSN graduation ceremony on campus, followed by an invocation from LC Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management David Arreazola. LC President Ricardo J. Solis delivered a memorable welcome speech to congratulate the graduates and everyone involved in the program.

“I want to congratulate this cohort of BSN students,” said Dean of Health Sciences and Director of the Nursing Program, Dr. Dianna Miller. “They had many challenges due to the pandemic, but they were successful and will apply their new leadership and research skills.”

Prior to graduating, students had to go through an arduous application and training process to be fully prepared to serve in our community and continue their education. These students were among nine applicants for the 2020-21 school year.

To apply for the program, applicants must have graduated from a nationally accredited nursing program, have a registered nursing license, have an outstanding GPA, meet the technical standards required by the program, be interviewed , pass a background check and provide letters of recommendation.

After potential students demonstrated the passion, value, and academics needed to be a part of the program, they were made aware of their selection as the second cohort of students in the BSN program.

This bachelor’s program entered its first promotion in the fall of 2019, where 21 students graduated. The program provided nurses in the community with an associate’s degree to further their education based on four concepts: leadership, community, research and informatics. It prepares individuals to become professional nurses committed to lifelong learning by providing excellence in education and fostering student success.

All of the nursing students had already started working in health care while pursuing their BSN. Others had the opportunity to pursue their BSN after obtaining their DNA at our college. LC’s BSN students are already registered nurses, and the BSN degree has provided them with a different focus in nursing and a higher education degree.

Dr. Marisa Jimenez, Director of Operations for the Bachelor of Nursing, mentioned that most students expressed their enthusiasm for being the second class of BSN and the first to host a ceremony on campus. After many years in the field, the students felt confident they would come back to learn from familiar faces. Many years of experience surround our college nursing programs, and students were happy to come back to earn this degree at a very affordable cost.

The Laredo College BSN program was offered fully online for the fall semester and in a hybrid format for the spring semester; a blended program consisting of online and face-to-face instruction.

Some of the courses included in the program were Holistic Health, Legal and Ethical Principles, Gerontology, Leadership and Management, Population and Culture, Computer Science, among other research courses.

For their final community project, they held virtual and mostly on-site meetings, completed webinars and CEUs with people from various fields of health science fields.

After graduation, students are ready to practice in progressive healthcare fields, understand the importance of evidence-based practice and lifelong learning, and apply to advanced practice degree programs.

Most of these students have already planned to continue their education for the next stage of their career. BSN students are committed to dedicating their future to improving the health care of others through caring and expertise, taking with them LC’s core values ​​of honor, duty and respect.

Additionally, the South Campus College of Health Sciences building provided state-of-the-art technology and facilities to provide our health science students with an environment that is conducive to learning and developing their skills.

Anyone interested in becoming a nurse, contact the Nursing Department at Laredo College at 956-721-5252 or email [email protected] for more details.


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