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LMC Welcomes Residents for Family Medicine and Internal Medicine Programs



Laredo Medical Center and its academic partner, University of the Incarnate Word, presented the fourth cohort of CML family medicine and internal medicine residency programs on Wednesday, June 23.

A standing-only audience was present to witness the ceremony, which included the board of directors, administration and hospital staff. Also in attendance were representatives from outpatient training partner Gateway Community Health Center, members of the medical community and stakeholders.

The fourth cohort, made up of 10 family medicine residents and eight internal medicine residents, was officially welcomed in a white coat ceremony held in the main entrance hall of the LMC. As part of the traditional ceremony, each resident was introduced and received their white coats to mark their debut in the three-year residency program. Residents start their residency on Monday July 1st.

Launched in July 2018, the Laredo Medical Center Residency Programs are the only graduate medical education programs in the city that have come to fruition after several years of collaboration with the Texas Institute for Graduate Medical Education and the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine. The new residents will join the 30 current residents for the year 2021-2022 with a total of 48 registered residents.

“Laredo Medical Center is delighted to welcome and bring a fourth cohort of residents on board,” said Jorge Leal, FACHE, Managing Director. “Our goal is to recruit the best residents from each program and to support those who choose to stay in Laredo to build their private practice and serve our community.”

Leal added that the fourth cohort of residents includes three Laredoans.

“We are delighted that LMC’s residency programs open up a much-needed opportunity for Laredoans to stay closer to home to fulfill their dreams in the medical profession,” said Leal.

Residency programs are accredited by the American College of Graduate Medical Education and the American Osteopathic Association.

During the ceremony, a group of six medical students from their osteopathic medical school were presented. These individuals are third year medical students who will be doing their clinical rotations for the next two years at LMC with the option of later joining as residents themselves.

The family medicine residents are Emerson Fillippa, Mario Flores, Mercedez Hernandez, Murtuza Khan, Hannah Morales, Pablo Martinez, Nereyda Ochoa-Jacob, Katelyn Smith, Adrian Villarreal and David Catano.

The resident doctors in internal medicine are Ngozi Ajoku, Josphe Belanger, Lizbeth Fraticelli Rentero, Victor Li Mandri, Antony Mancheril, Marco Passeri, Rashid Qureshi and Margarita Valdez Cuadra.

The medical students are Harold Averill IV, Edith Gonzalez-Godinez, Raudel E. Guerra, Christopher Lancaster, Nathan Nguyen, Lauren Tooman and Yesenia Veils.

For more information on LMC residences, visit tigmer.com/lmc-main or call 956-796-3223.



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