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Local doctor gives birth to her 2,000th baby


By Zach Spicer | The Tribune

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Shortly after a doctor at Schneck Obstetrics and Gynecology reached a milestone, another OB/GYN reached his.

Schneck Medical Center recently announced on its Facebook page that Dr. Adam Jablonski performed 2,000 deliveries on March 24.

He said he didn’t know about this until the hospital told him.

“It was encouraging to hear from some of my patients, both in person and via Facebook,” Jablonski said. “Knowing that I was a part of something so important in their lives means a lot to me.”

One of her colleagues, Dr Justin Rasner, gave birth to her 1,000th baby earlier this year. He had done the math for his previous six years and realized he was close to that milestone. Then he started a weekly countdown.

Jablonski joined Schneck in August 2010 and said it always meant a lot to him to be part of the birthing process for women.

“I realize that going through a pregnancy and then giving birth, whether it’s your first or not, is a time of great stress and great joy,” he said. “I see that a big part of my job is to help reduce that stress in any way I can. In some ways, I believe God has given me this sense of calm that I can bring to the labor and birth process. Being even a small part of the delivery process brings me great joy.

Much of what he and his staff do in the labor and delivery process is a team effort, Jablonski said.

“I really think nurses in the workplace and in the office should also be recognized for the thousands of pregnancies and deliveries they have cared for and helped deliver – some before I arrived,” he said. . “To hear from them now would be an incredible story.”

Regarding what drew him to the medical field, he said he believed God put him in his heart early on to consider health care.

“Growing up with my mom’s dad being a doctor and my dad working most of my growing up years as an ER doctor, I got to see what that life could be like and also how my dad impacted so many lives,” Jablonski said.

It wasn’t until medical school that he chose his specialty, OB/GYN.

“I really didn’t consider OB/GYN before medical school, but I found it to be a great mix of seeing people in the office and taking care of them through surgeries and further hospital admissions,” he said. “The best part – and sometimes the hardest part – is, of course, the delivery, although we all know that the real labor is done by mum.”

Jablonski grew up in the small town of Mount Orab, Ohio. Coincidentally, US 50 runs through the county – Brown County – where he grew up and was about 15 minutes north of his home, and that federal highway also runs through where he now lives, Seymour.

He went to the University of Miami in Ohio for undergraduate studies and then to medical school at the University of Toledo. He completed his residency training in OB/GYN at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Indianapolis before joining Schneck.

“We love Seymour and southern Indiana as a whole and are happy to call it home,” Jablonski said. “I had five of my eight children born at Schneck, and I am very grateful to everyone who took care of my wife and children. We are all so happy to be a part of Jackson County for 12 years and so happy to call it home.