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Military medical personnel provide free care in southern Missouri


More than 100 Army, Air Force and Reserve medical personnel are in southern Missouri for a week to provide free medical services to anyone who wants it.

The project is a collaboration between the Ministry of Defence, the Delta Regional Authority and local health agencies.

“These are the preferred missions where we can train our soldiers, build relationships with community partners and see the impact we are having in the community,” said Lt. Col. Safuratu Aranmolate, commander of a field hospital in the army.

The mission is designed to help communities and train troops by simulating the work environments that military medics may face if deployed in a natural disaster or in overseas conflicts.

“Some of us are in high school gyms, and some of us are in storage closets. We need to be able to get that practice that, you know, some medical professionals won’t get. that kind of field environment of their civilian work,” said Capt. David Falcon, an Air Force medical officer.

In addition to working in temporary medical spaces and sleeping in makeshift quarters, military medical personnel will have the opportunity to work with regular patients in situations that would be similar to what they would see while deployed.

“They have to realize that they kind of have to have that empathy and have that connection with the patients who may not react the way a soldier would. So it’s a great opportunity to expand that skill set,” Falcon said.

Medical care will be available in the cities of Ava, Eminence and Houston, which are all located in counties that have high levels of poverty and limited access to medical care.

“The need is great here because sometimes specialty care and simple access to care is a little harder to come by,” said Tim Shryack, CEO of Missouri Ozarks Community Health. “The military is going to provide great care, and again, it’s first come, first served, so whoever comes here, no matter how far away, I know they’re going to take care of them. , and that’s going to be a huge advantage.

Services provided include basic medical and wellness exams, dental exams, extractions and fillings, as well as eye and eye exams.

Clinics will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. until July 8. They will take place at Eminence High School, Houston High School and the MOCH Wellness Center in Ava.

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