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Nurses at Stanford and Packard hospitals begin strike this morning | News


Stanford Children’s Hospital nurses and Lucile Packard strike outside Stanford Hospital on April 25, 2022. Photo by Sue Dremann.

Around 5,000 nurses at Stanford and Lucile Packard children’s hospitals went on strike this morning.

The Committee for the Recognition of Nursing Achievements (CRONA), the union representing nurses, said 93% of eligible members had voted to authorize the strike.

“As one of the nation’s top healthcare systems, Stanford and Packard have an opportunity to show leadership and work with nurses to address the burnout and burnout that drives many of us to reconsider our jobs and our profession,” said Colleen Borges, president of CRONA and a pediatric oncology nurse at Packard Children’s Hospital.

“We have been disappointed by the constant refusal of hospital administrators to acknowledge the reality of understaffing: constant demands for overtime, little rest time with our families and insufficient support for our mental health. The strike has always been the last resort for nurses at CRONA, but we are prepared to stay strong and make sacrifices today for the transformative changes the nursing profession needs.”

CRONA said nurses informed their hospitals of their intention to strike on April 13, after Stanford management “failed to fairly negotiate union proposals to address staffing shortages, create sustainable nursing careers and supporting world-class patient care”.