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Quinnipiac University staff visit CESI to explore training and education opportunities | Hartford Health Care


May 31, 2022

Quinnipiac University faculty and staff visited CESI (Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation) on Wednesday to learn more about what the center offers and to think about ways students could benefit from the partnership announced earlier this year with Hartford HealthCare.
QU VisitIn January, Hartford HealthCare and Quinnipiac University announced a partnership to build the workforce of tomorrow and grow the pool of students in a wide range of professions. This week, leaders also discussed research opportunities and how the two organizations can work together in these efforts. “It can be a far-reaching partnership and I see it growing over time. It’s incredibly exciting and we’re extremely fortunate to be building this partnership together,” said Debra Leibowitz, Vice President of Quinnipiac University. About 40 people attended the tour on Wednesday, which included an introduction to the various ways CESI supports the healthcare industry locally, regionally and globally through partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers. CESI has a dual mission of helping train doctors and nurses while supporting industry clients with training. The tour broke into small groups to explore different parts of the center, including the Da Vinci robotic system, laparoscopic surgery training area, SimMom delivery room with SimMom, newborn mannequins and all- children, a demonstration of virtual reality, the CESI studio, a demonstration of trauma mannequins. , a procedure room for intubation and central line practice, and a model patient room with a manikin and monitors. The visit also included non-medical students, with discussions about how different university programs could focus on different opportunities – for example, if computer programming students could help with virtual reality coding, or if business students could work with training or billing software development. Ahead of the tour, a video of the recent Disaster Day exercise was released, which could help train media students to handle a crisis by hosting a press conference, writing press releases and monitoring media posts. social. The QU students were involved as volunteer casualties in the exercise, which was training for emergency department trainees to learn how to handle a mass casualty disaster, and also included a simulated explosion and domestic dispute. Mike Midgley, professor of anatomy in the Department of Biology, said the visit was very beneficial. “Our students want hands-on learning options and it’s all very interactive,” he said. “They can see the treatment options and see how it works.”
QU VisitStacy Spiro, director of the OBGYN internship, said there are many opportunities for training in residency or practical nursing. Although she had visited the center in the past, she had not seen all of the different training rooms. “It will be a great partnership, with opportunities for our students to see more and be more aware of different job opportunities,” she said. Rocco Orlando, MD, FACS, academic director of Hartford Healthcare, said the visit and brainstorming session offered a myriad of opportunities. “It’s nothing I didn’t plan for, but there are huge opportunities for matchmaking and expansion,” he said. The partnership with Quinnipiac also includes advanced, coordinated care on campus through Hartford HealthCare’s Campus Care program. This will provide high-quality health and wellness services to manage the comprehensive care needs of students, from physical and mental well-being to athletic training for the university’s Division I athletes.