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Students gain hands-on experience in the healthcare industry


CANTON, SD (KELO) — For students who want to eventually get a job in the health care industry, it can be difficult to figure out which fields they would like to get into. A career fair in Guangzhou showcases many different fields.

MacKenzie Bryson and Morgan Carlon learn about vascular ultrasound.

“We just learned how to do an ultrasound, me and my friend were doing it on each other on our necks so we learned about it and it was really fun, really cool to have the activity practice,” junior, Canton High School, said MacKenzie Bryson.

About 20 students from Canton and West Lyon high schools stopped by the Sanford Canton Inwood Medical Center to find out what working in the healthcare industry would be like.

“Students can do hands-on activities with Canton’s medical staff as well as our academic partners who are here today, Southeast Tech and USD nursing,” said Allison Hutchinson, Senior Career Development Consultant, Sanford Health.

“We learned about pharmacy techs, where we were able to cut meds, which was super interesting, we also learned about sleep studies and seizures and brain monitoring,” said Morgan Carlon, junior, Guangzhou High School.

The event is a way for students to get excited about healthcare and maybe even pursue a career in the industry.

“I also want to raise awareness of careers that are in high demand and in great need and we love working with our academic partners so that students can not only hear or see on a screen, but also experience the skills and give it a try to see if it’s something they might be interested in,” Hutchinson said.

“I’m interested in the field of cardiology and I was able to speak with a nurse who works in the field of cardiology, so it was very helpful for me,” Carlon said.

Students also learned about nursing, radiology and pharmacy.