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UC Davis Give Day 2022


Imagine a world where cancer patients no longer need to undergo chemotherapy, but instead manage their treatment through personalized cell therapies. A world where every newborn has a healthy start in life thanks to fetal surgeries and where every child grows and thrives thanks to the care provided by pediatric specialists. And where patients of all ages and backgrounds benefit from clinical care that understands the complex personal, environmental and social factors affecting their health. At UC Davis Health and Medical Center, we are actively building that world. From the separation of conjoined twins to the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re implementing the latest research advances in our daily patient care – and imagining new horizons for holistic wellness.

At UC Davis Health and Medical Center, we are actively building a world where every patient can thrive.

Your gift – no matter the amount – will be have a significant impact. When you support UC Davis Health, you help improve and advance the health and well-being of patients in Northern California and the Central Valley.

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