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VA’s Investment in Telehealth Adds to Job Opportunities for You


At VA, we have been investing for years in new ways to provide telehealth care to our veterans.

When the world went virtual during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers embraced a new way of doing business out of necessity, but we had a network in place that quickly and easily adapted to the changes that were happening. produced around us.

Forward Thinking

In 2017, VA announced a new initiative called “Anywhere to Anywhere VA Health Care”, which laid the foundation for interstate telemedicine between VA providers and patients. Other efforts under the initiative included expanding telehealth opportunities for remote clinics and call centers, as well as the development of VA telehealth access points.

The effort was designed as an awareness-raising measure, but was also developed with a view to using telehealth during disasters. The VA Telehealth Emergency Management Team was created in response to Hurricanes Harvey and Maria in 2017, although the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a rapid expansion of telehealth services.

“I like to say we hit our five-year telehealth goals in the first month of the pandemic, and we’re not looking back,” shared Dr Neil Evans, CEO of our Office of Connected Care. “Connected Care is and will remain a critical part of how VA is able to care for the Veterans we serve.”

I always look ahead

The world has changed significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19, and VA has changed as well. Continued investment in our telehealth services will allow us to maintain the broad spectrum of clinical care that we have developed with our veterans. Meanwhile, the expansion of our telehealth operations will provide care to even more patients, which in turn means more job opportunities.

In April, VA opened a new Clinical Resource Center (CRH) in Boise, Idaho – the first such facility in our network. The HRC will serve as a space for VA staff treating veterans via telehealth and will accommodate more than 200 staff, including doctorsadvanced practice providers, psychologistssocial workers, nursesplanners, pharmaciststechnicians and Administrative Support.

Supporting systems that care for veterans is also a necessity to improve our telehealth networks. Program specialists provide essential operational management and the technical know-how to maintain clinical telehealth operations at our facilities, ensuring that we can reach veterans smoothly and efficiently.

A career with benefits

At VA, you and your dedicated colleagues are rewarded with a strong support system. A VA career offers you a balanced and flexible work environment and advantages focused on your unique needs.

  • Competitive starting salaries. We offer our employees solid starting salaries based on education, training and experience. We also offer steady growth, with periodic salary increases that take into account inflation and local market changes.
  • Flexible hours. Our employees receive 13 to 26 paid vacation/personal days, plus 13 sick days per year with no accrual limit, and we celebrate 11 paid federal holidays each year.
  • Robust insurance options. You can choose from a variety of health maintenance organizations or paid health plans, and all cover pre-existing conditions. Plus, we pay up to 75% of health insurance premiums, a benefit that can continue into retirement.

Work at VA

As we continue to evolve the way we care for veterans, telehealth careers are a great way to join our team in a variety of fields.

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